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Fort Irwin NTC Water Treatment Plant & Distribution Systems

Underground Sewer and Water Construction – US Army Corps of Engineers and CDM Smith – October 2013 Additional Information:  Installation of approximately 50,000 LF of PVC pipe and cathodically protected appurtenances ranging in size from 6” to 24” throughout US National Training Center, Fort Irwin.  This pipe will facilitate the new water treatment plant currently underway at [...

12 Water Main Replacement Under Sheep Creek Rd Aqueduct Bridge

Water Main Replacement – County of San Bernardino – 2009 We Replaced a 12’’ Steel Water Main running under the Sheep Creek Aqueduct crossing. This project have a very tight schedule because the water in the Aqueduct had to be lowered to perform this work. They gave us 5 day of lower water, we finished in 3 […]

24’’ Sewer Repair

Sewer Encasement – City of Victorville –  2012 This 24” live sewer floated during a major storm event. We lowered it back into place and encased it in concrete without disturbing the flow (without a bypass).